Clear, effective visual design is our specialty

With more than thirty years experience in the sign, printing and design industries, logo design and finished artwork have been created for a huge range of applications. These include corporate logos, websites, point of sale promotional products, uniforms, signage, print advertisements, product labels, maps, technical illustrations, catalogues and brochures - even paint schemes for aircraft.

Clients include manufacturers, the food industry and agriculture, real estate and property developers, retailers, automotive and aviation businesses, tourism, and professional services.

We provide comprehensive website design services, graphic design and photography for any enterprise or purpose.

We give you practical advice on the best production method for your ideas based on our knowledge of the advantages and limitations of all forms of graphic reproduction: press, screen and digital printing, sign manufacture and online.

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My interests are diverse but history, particularly the period including the First and Second World Wars, is high on the list - art deco and the typography of the period. I like all things Apple, art, science and engineering, travel and landscape photography. I contribute artwork to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

I supply graphic design, photo restoration and website services to the Uiver DC-2 Memorial Restoration Project.